Carpet Care & Maintenance

We have tips to keep your new carpet looking its best.

Take Care of that New Carpet

Plan to establish a preventative maintenance routine for your carpet that works with your lifestyle and existing cleaning schedule.

Daily Care | Flemington Department Store

Regular Care is Important

Practice preventative maintenance by removing outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet so you don’t track dirt inside the house. You should also add doormats to your rooms to prevent tracking dirt onto your new flooring. 

Dealing with Spills & Stains


Liquid Spills | Flemington Department Store

Different liquids might need different types of stain treatment, depending on whether it's an oil-based stain or a water-based stain. It's always a good idea to consult your manufacturer's guide.

Some messes will just wipe away with a cleaning cloth while others will require comprehensive stain removal directions.


Solid Spills | Flemington Department Store

Start by picking up and clumps and solid pieces on your carpet. Then, you'll want to consult your care guide for information on dealing with that specific type of stain. 

Fortunately, many of our carpets are sold with stain-resistant technology built right into their fibers. 


Pre-Test Cleaners | Flemington Department Store

You should always do a pre-test of all cleaning solutions and cleaning products prior to using them on your flooring. 

Spray a tiny amount of the cleaning solution onto a small area of the carpet. Wait and see if there are any unexpected reactions. A pre-test works best in a closet or an area of flooring that is not very visible. 

Vacuuming & Care

For most carpeting, daily to weekly vacuuming with a manufacturer-approved appliance is really all you need to keep your floors looking and feeling great! 

Vacuuming & Care | Flemington Department Store

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