Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance

We have tips to keep your new vinyl flooring looking its best.

Luxury Vinyl

Plan to establish a preventative maintenance routine for your vinyl flooring that works with your lifestyle and existing cleaning schedule.

Vinyl Care | Flemington Department Store

Regular Care is Important

Sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your vinyl flooring frequently (but be sure not to use a beater bar when vacuuming, as this can scuff your flooring). If your flooring ever needs a deeper clean, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution. 

Dealing with Spills & Stains

Rubber heel marks

Rubber Heel Marks | Flemington Department Store

For scuff marks, lightly mist a manufacturer-approved, pH-neutral cleaner onto the scuff marks and wipe up with a clean dry cloth.

Household stains

Household Stains | Flemington Department Store

In most cases, all you need to do is mop up any spills or use a cloth. If your floors are sticky, you can follow up with a manufacturer-approved floor cleaner. 

Paints or Oil

Paint and Solvents | Flemington Department Store

If you encounter more difficult messes such as paint, nail polish, oil, or wax, consult your manufacturer's guidelines for approved stain removal tips. 

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Like most hard surface flooring, vinyl can benefit from entry mats to help keep dirt and debris at bay. Removing your shoes will help prevent scuff marks. And if you have pets, try to keep their nails trimmed.

You should also consider placing heavy furniture on protective mats to keep it from denting your new vinyl.

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